Who are we?




“Let us all walk together, let nobody fall behind, let there be enough for everyone, and let nobody lack for anything.

Aymara people proverb


“The most perfect system of government is that which produces the greatest possible sum of happiness, the greatest possible sum of social security and the greatest possible sum of political stability”

Simón Bolivar, speech before the Angostura Congress of 1819




Humanity faces its greatest crisis in history. It is an environmental, social, political, economic, ethical, and spiritual crisis. Ecuador is aware of this, and therefore included in the 2008 Constitution a new model of coexistence based on ancestral knowledge and the greatest human achievements: the Sumak Kawsay, or Buen Vivir.



Executive Decree No. 30 creates and establishes the Presidential Initiative for the Development of the Society of Buen Vivir (or the Secretariat of Buen Vivir), recognizing that the concept of Buen Vivir is fundamental to the transformation of the Ecuadorean state and its relationship with its citizen. This new institution promotes the achievements of Ecuador´s National Plan of Buen Vivir. It will coordinate at all levels of government, the practice of Buen Vivir and will widely communicate its importance both nationally and internationally.



Generate concepts, recommend public policies and undertake actions towards the practice of Buen Vivir within public administration and society in general, both at a national and an international level.

The Secretariat of Buen Vivir promotes a process of human transformation through the practice of values and virtues to achieve a conscious life and the greatest level of happiness.



It is a longing by human beings as old as humanity and it is a process under ongoing development. It means finding a meaning to life that makes living it worthwhile, inspired by service to others, and respect towards all being in Nature.

Harmony is part of Buen Vivir. Harmony means balance. A conscious life implies equilibrium among mind, emotions, body, and spirit. It also means having harmony in the relationship amon people as well as with Nature. For this to happen, a cultural transformation is necessary to lead us to a new Era of human civilization wherein unconditional love, sharing, and social justice constitute a new way of life.

Buen Vivir has both and external and an internal sphere. In the external sphere it refers to the satisfaction of needs such as education, food, shelter and everything that represents a deserving life.

In the internal sphere it refers to the notion of Being and consciousness, which are the source of holistic and wellbeing development.


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Who we are?